Disaster Preparedness

In 2011, Tropical Storm Irene crippled the state’s transportation infrastructure and stranded both people and animals in some areas. Proving that Vermont is not immune from natural disasters, VHF members rallied to assemble and distribute pet food to some of the hardest hit areas in the state, and worked closely with area food banks to stock pet food for needy families. The VHF also distributed grant money to horse owners who lost food and fencing to this destructive storm.

VHF members work closely with the state’s regional Disaster Animal Response Teams when disaster strikes. In some cases shelters will house a small number of community animals temporarily when there aren’t enough displaced animals to justify opening up a pet-friendly shelter. In larger scale events, VHF member agencies may work hand-in-hand with volunteers to run temporary pet shelters when the need arises.

Check out the Vermont Disaster Animal Response Team’s website for more information and resources on disaster planning for pets and communities.