HEART Wildlife Removal

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HEART Wildlife Removal: Human Eviction And Removal Team

HEART Wildlife Removal offers a humane choice for homeowners and businesses when wildlife decides to make their home in your home or business.

We provide:

Wildlife removal – For when wildlife gets into your home and you need it removed (Squirrels or raccoons in the fireplace or above the flue or a bird trapped inside. The animals are released outside of the building on the property.)

Wildlife eviction – For when wildlife has made their home in an attic, crawl space or under a deck and you would like them to find another place to call home. (We use one-way doors and cameras to make sure the furry neighbor has moved on, before wildlife proofing is done.)

Wildlife audits – A preventive measure to identify vulnerable areas in and around buildings that might become an issue. We also recommend the appropriate wildlife proofing measures.